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Guitar lessons from MD Music tuition in Norwich.

Guitar lessons and tuitionMD Music Tuition in Norwich Norfolk, specialising in guitar lessons covering..

  • Electric guitar
  • Rythm & lead guitar
  • Acoustic & Semi-acoustic
  • 12 string
  • Bass guitar

All our Tutors are CRB checked and qualified to teach from novice beginners to advanced levels. We also cover many different styles of music, helping you to develop your skills in a chosen area or an individual style.

Genres to choose from:
Acoustic, Alternative, Blues, Country, Folk, Funk, Metal, Rock, developing your individual style

Qualifications available:

These qualifications are accredited by the qualifications regulators of England, Wales and Northern Ireland OfQual, DCELLS and CCEA.

(Grades 1-8 = 180 UCAS points towards Uni entry)

Marty our guitar tutor is also providing beginner keyboard lessons, Contact us if you would like more information.

Learning Levels

Unless you are a complete beginner you are likely to find that you are unsure exactly what level you are playing at...

We keep it straight forward find out what you know , what you want to know and take it from there. To give you an idea of the areas covered, here are some brief level descriptors below, just click on the tabs for information on each level.

Even if you have never held the guitar before this is not a problem! We will cover basic fretting (holding notes), anatomy of your guitar, playing simple chords, basic rhythm and timing, holding and using the plectrum and some simple songs. This is a great time to look at and discuss your musical influences and think about the goals you want to set yourself and look at what is achievable.

If you have developed this far or joined us at this point you will feel comfortable with the guitar now and this is where we step up a gear! You choose the areas and here is a taster; Playing barr chords, blues scale (pentatonic scales), chords/triads, accenting and expression, some guitar terminology, intro to music theory and guitar effects and tones.

Throughout we keep looking at musical influences and you will find you start looking at the guitar neck in different ways. Then you can choose from some acoustic techniques, refining your rhythm, moving onto basic lead guitar or a mixture of each.

At the experienced level you're now, not only feeling comfortable but confident with the sounds you are creating and the music you are making. Technically you are learning, interpreting and developing new techniques constantly

We keep looking at your musical influences and incorporate the things you are learning with the music you love. Some of the things we will be looking at are:- Chord structures and extensions, modes, improvising, alternate tuning and lead guitar effects and techniques such as tap touching, string bends, hammering on, pulling off and harmonics and improvisation to name but a few!

At this level people have a good understanding of all of the areas of the experienced level and are not only confident but have been playing at this level with other people for some time. We tend to be looking at and creating complicated riffs, licks and hooks and consolidating you music theory and song structure knowledge.

More detailed level descriptors will be discussed and recorded with you throughout your sessions with us.