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Peter B
"I’ve had a very productive couple of weeks trying to learn the various major scale shapes and how they can be utilised to form the various modes based around the major scale. Still a work in progress but have been pleasantly surprised that it has enabled me to look at Carlos Santana's "Oye Coma Va" and recognise the A Dorian patterns (G maj shapes!) that are used within this song. What a lot we have covered this year! So I thank Marty for his patience and encouragement without which I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so much in just one year."

Craig J
"Just sat playing guitar and I am amazed by how much my playing seems to have improved just over 5 lessons with you.  Really pleased I switched teachers. You have also made me slightly obsessed with my guitar as all I want to do is play it.  Anyway, I just thought I would just write you this quick note to say thanks, and I look forward to my next lesson. Thanks again."

Mike R
"As a late starter who always meant to get round to learning I've found Marty the ideal tutor, being patient, knowledgeable, dedicated to music but above all a genuinely nice guy. Marty is very supportive and his happy to move along at a pace that suits your ability and needs and will always return to things if you are not sure. I've found having each lesson content emailed to me very useful and something to which you can return to at any time for revision, in addition to this Marty has also provided video clips of him playing a short piece at my lesson which I find really useful when trying to remember how something should be played when you get home. I have no hesitation in recommending Marty as a tutor to either the complete beginner or to somebody who wishes to improve his or her playing... Thanks Marty for your help and patience so far... (a 'fifty something' approaching another milestone)."

Mark H
"I’ve been learning with Marty for two years now. He is really good at working at the pace of the student and gets across the “big picture” as well as the detail. His excellent teaching is backed up by his excellent guitar playing and very good theoretical knowledge."

Malcolm F
"Only been attending lessons for a short while with Marty but finding them interesting and challenging. Marty prepares the lesson well and sends emails for further studying. I'm 64 and doing homework! Marty is happy to teach me to play my choice of music - Hank Marvin, The Shadows - which encourages me to practice more. Early days for me, but already I would highly recommend Marty as a guitar teacher."

Stuart H
"I cannot recommend Marty highly enough if you are a complete beginner or more advanced and looking to improve in particular aspects of playing. His enthusiasm for music and guitar is infectious and this comes through in his teaching style. Marty doesn’t just focus entirely on theory but introduces it in an interesting and easy to follow context. Even some of the most complex guitar solos are taught in a fun and informative way. I have personally improved dramatically since beginning lessons several years ago and this I believe is entirely due to Marty's great tuition and welcoming personality."

Michelle O
"I have been learning to play guitar with Marty for just over a year. I find the lessons very structured and the blend of theory and practice helps me to progress and get the most out of my lessons. I find Marty an inspirational and motivational teacher and would thoroughly recommend him."

Shaun G
"After looking for Guitar tuition not to far from Norwich; I chose to phone Marty because of the testimonials on his web site. Well I can now say from experience, that all what you read is true! Marty’s lessons are friendly, relaxed and professional. I have learnt so much in such a short time, the lessons are structured so progression takes place. After each lesson the material you have learnt is emailed to you for you to practice at home (which I do) I print mine off and put in a folder for easy access at home. He is a really good tutor and does it because he enjoys what he is doing. I recommend him with out hesitation."

Ben B
"I had played guitar for a number of years and had a reasonable level of dexterity and knowledge. However I was extremely frustrated and still felt the fret board as a foreign place. Having tried a couple of other teachers in the area that did not really suit me, a friend from work recommended I try Marty. I was able to strike up an instant rapport with Marty as he is very likeable, with a big passion for his subject; moreover I felt I was in safe hands musically as he quickly assured me he would "get me sorted". Within a very short time he has done just that! He identified what I needed to become a well rounded player and has filled in all the gaps in my understanding and theory. Most importantly I have been taught how to apply my new found knowledge musically. I feel so much happier to pick up the guitar now, as it can be a creative exploration instead of just blind guess work!"

Steve L
"I started guitar lessons with Marty around 3 months ago and have to say it’s the best decision I have ever made. Marty make you feel welcome as soon as soon as you get there. He doesn’t push you into something you may not be able to do and go at your speed. If you are thinking of getting guitar lessons go to Marty. He's not just a guitar teacher he is also your mate."

Roy S
"I started with Marty in January 2013; I found Marty to be very friendly and approachable and doesn't put you under pressure. Marty takes you at your own pace of learning, and if you are a little slow at picking things up Marty will try different methods to enable you to grasp the problem. Overall Marty is a first class Tutor and I would recommend him to any new pupils who are thinking of taking up learning to play the guitar, so pick up the phone to book your start in your music career and good luck. Regards Roy."

Leroy B
"I've been having lessons for just over a year with Marty and find him to be an excellent teacher. His patience as a teacher matched with his skill of the guitar makes for a first class lesson every time. Marty's extensive knowledge of music theory is awe inspiring, something he is keen to share and explains extremely well. This has helped me develop as a player and allow me to improvise with confidence. Lessons are never rushed and only proceed at a pace to suit, which is something I need as some weeks I don't have a lot of time to practice. Marty is also happy to work on songs that I have requested. I have asked for a couple of songs and he has produced lessons almost from ear which is a pleasure both to watch and learn from. Would I recommend Marty as a teacher? Yes 100%!! If you don't see this guy then you’re missing out!!!"

James C
"I had barely held a guitar before I met Marty. I haven't been a student of his for long, but I can already play chords that I had never heard of before and play a few songs. He explains things clearly. He truly is a great teacher. I find him very complimentary and enthusiastic, which really helps me. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning the guitar. You won't regret it!"

Shaun C
"I have been having lessons with Marty for over a year now, and I look forward to my weekly lessons. Marty is incredibly patient and he will spend time on allowing you to get it right, even if it means going over points in a range of different ways. I sometimes find it difficult to practice as much as I would like and Marty understands in this respect too. Lessons are informal and relaxed, and he uses a range of teaching materials. I have had guitar lessons before, but have struggled, with both tutor and material. No such problems here; I have covered so much ground. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Marty to anyone wishing to learn the guitar, in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere."

"I really look forward to my weekly guitar lesson. I started taking lessons with Marty at the start of 2011. I have now progressed onto an electric guitar after a few months on acoustic. Marty makes the lessons interesting and enjoyable. I find him to be very patient and tolerant of my 'ups and downs'. I can really recommend Marty as a tutor. He gives me great tuition and interesting insights into the music business as a band member. His great guitar demos inspire me to keep practising!"

John S
"Marty is a great guitar teacher, he sets a pace of learning that fits in well with me. He offers a good mix between learning songs and incorporating theory, and his Email handouts are well structured and great to refer to later on."

John C
"Learning to play the guitar had been a life long ambition of mine. With Marty's help, I feel I am well on the way. His relaxed teaching style, patience, practical ability and theoretical knowledge make learning a pleasurable experience. Marty is testimony that you can, in fact 'teach an old dog new tricks' and I would have no hesitation in recommending him regardless of your age or ability."

Paul H
"I was teaching myself acoustic guitar for about eight months, then I hit a brick wall. I found Marty through this web site; the hourly tuition fees were more than reasonable for 2011! Marty is the most patient and methodical tutor I have ever had. He is always interested and enthusiastic and this is an inspiration to me. I've been attending for a few months now, my guitar playing and musical understanding has advanced at a great pace, at my pace. I look forward to each and every lesson as I know each one will have a positive effect on my musical and practical knowledge."

Alan D
"I went to Marty as a complete beginner and I was immediately made to feel at ease by his friendly and patient manner. He is very knowledgeable and encourages you to learn at a pace that you feel comfortable with. It is obvious that Marty loves playing the guitar. His enthusiasm is infectious! This makes guitar lessons with Marty very enjoyable, and I am certain that I would not have progressed to the level that I have without Marty's tuition."

Jim M
"If you're looking for a guitar tutor whom will help you to improve at your own pace in a simplified and progressive manner look no further! Marty is patient and diligent in his technique, offering his students the opportunity to progress in a learning environment which suits their pace and individual musical taste, making simple work of scales and music theory is his speciality!  Regards Jim"

Matt J
"I found the lessons to be extremely rewarding and I don't think I could have found a better person to teach me guitar. Lessons are carried out at a slow/steady pace and give you a sense of achievement when you can play a song or manage to play a tricky note correctly. As evidence of the effectiveness of Marty's teaching, I have had just about 5 lessons and have already learnt around 7 cords, playing about five songs and I'm progressing all the time. I was relaxed from the moment I met Marty and the constant praise he gives goes a long way."

Steven M
“I have had several lessons so far and have been delighted with my progress. This is due to first class tuition from Marty. His manner and enthusiasm for teaching guitar is excellent. The pace of the lessons are just right and the constant reassurance and praise helps to give the feeling of real self achievement. What also helps is the electronic handouts which are received following the lesson to build on what is learnt in the lesson. I am thoroughly enjoying learning the guitar and would highly recommend MD Music Tuition."

Vicky H
"I really enjoy my lessons, they are well paced and Marty is supportive and encouraging to a complete beginner like me."

Scott F
"Marty Drew is the best guitar teacher there is. He has been teaching me for just a few months and already I'm onto very technical, challenging riffs and songs. I started only being able to play a few chords, now with Marty's guidance I'm a LOT better. Marty is the best and I will say to anyone who wants to learn guitar, they should go to him."

Thomas R
"As a fairly advanced player with several years behind me, I was in a very frustrated place before I started taking lessons from Marty. I was having great difficulty with guitar theory and had hardly got a full song in my repertoire. Now after just four weeks I have conquered most of my theory problems and am looking forward to learning more...

I have learnt almost seven songs and have never had so much fun playing guitar! What once was frustrating has now become a joy. Marty is the greatest guitar teacher I have ever had, making things simple and easy to understand with no pressure."

Charly T
"The guitar lessions 'r' realy good and helpful and I have learnt a lot in a small space of time."

Tony S
"Marty is the most patient, enthusiastic and encouraging teacher I’ve ever come across...

  1. He’ll work at your pace and he doesn’t mind spending an entire lesson on one point if you are stuck on something...
  2. He explains himself very well and uses electronic lessons to back up what he has taught you...
  3. His easy friendly manner puts you at ease straight away, and you’re in the company of a mate, not a teacher...

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marty to anyone who wishes to learn the guitar."